Close-up view of black mug with Aysgarth Station etched on the side
Guest sitting area with upholstered furniture, French doors and round dining table
Shiny dining room table with rounded back chairs near several windows
Guest beverage center with carafe, k-cup coffee maker, k-cup carousel, and supplies
Overview of the Frenchman Bay from a rocky outcropping surrounded by miles of green trees and blue skies
Frenchman Bay filled with sailboats and people walking along curvy paths with flowers amidst blue skies
view through red French doors of guest sitting area with upholstered furniture
Guest sitting area with wood floor, upholstered furniture, French doors, and dining table
Shiny round dining table with four rounded back wood chairs in a corner near several windows
Exterior view of Aysgarth Station with a red and white sign post and an American flag
View of Frenchman Bay from the shore
Close-up view of wood wall rack with key hooks
Beautiful grassy side yard with mature trees in the fall and view of downtown shops
Two green wicker rocking chairs flanking a small wicker table on the front porch
Beautiful lavender flowers amidst lush green leaves
Two outdoor chairs and round table on a balcony overlooking nearby rooftops and distant hills
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