Check out our new website!

I am so excited to share my new website!  The website is now as current as it possibly can be.  It works on all formats….computer, phone, tablet and is far more user friendly. I was able to add in more information and direct links to local attractions/restaurants and I will be posting to the blog on a regular basis.  I inherited the previous website when I bought Aysgarth Station and I wasn’t able to make changes to it so I’m excited  have updated photos and just be able to change content myself.  And I can post recipes….something you have all asked about again and again.  Learning about the “back side” of innkeeping has been a very interesting process.  And while a website is not greeting you at the door or serving breakfast or talking to you about your day, it is the very first impression most people have of Aysgarth Station.  And for fun….I had a professional photographer take some of the new photos.  In one you can just see half of her body and camera lens.  Be the first to tell me which photo I am referring to and you can have your pick of an Aysgarth mug when you are here.  Melody

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