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By Car

After crossing onto the island, at the first ‘Y’ junction, bear left. After passing the entrance to Acadia National Park (approximately 10 miles from the head of the island), you are almost to Bar Harbor — only two miles to go! Turn left onto Cottage Street and go about 4 blocks until you come to Roberts Avenue, (American Legion Post and Citgo Gas on the corners). Turn right on Roberts, and Aysgarth Station is on your left, approximately 2/3 of the way up the street.

Stationary Map of Aysgarth Station's Location

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Airports & Airlines Serving the Bar Harbor Area

Portland (PWM)
A beautiful 3.5 hour
drive up the coast

Air Tran
Delta Airlines
Jet Blue
United Airlines
American Airways

Bar Harbor (BHB)
15 minutes away

Penn Air (seasonal)
Cape Air (year-round)
Elite Air (seasonal)

Shuttle Service, Bangor to Bar Harbor

The Bar Harbor Shuttle offers an inexpensive way to get to and from the inn.

Current Weather

The Average high & low temperatures for the ever-changing coastal Bar Harbor weather are: