Chimani Perks Program Partner

Chimani Perks Program Partner

If you have stayed at Aysgarth, you know we are a huge supporter of the Chimani App for National Parks. Not only do we recommend it we use it ourselves when we visit other parks. I know, it sounds like cheating a bit, doesn’t it?

Not only was Chimani developed and refined in Acadia, the founder stays here with us while he does it, how cool is that?. We love Chimani!

So, in honor of our love…….we want to share, so we now offer Chimani Perks.

Save 10% Off each night’s stay with a Chimani Perks Membership. To Join Chimani Perks, just download the Chimani National Park app to your phone and sign up for the Perks Membership Savings Program. Chimani Perks includes savings on hiking and rafting tours, bed and breakfasts, hotels, local breweries, restaurants, cafes, gear rentals, gift stores and outdoor retailers. You’ll save hundreds on your next national park trip! Join today for $29 per year. Chimani Perks

Please, the program discount applies to new reservations only, thanks!