Our coffee mugs

Ever wonder where our awesome coffee mugs come from? You know, the ones that hold ALOT of coffee? Sunset Hills Stoneware, that’s where! A family owned company in Wisconsin, they are America’s most eco-friendly pottery production facility. Not only do they make our regular mugs, they make our 100th anniversary mugs for Acadia’s birthday.

Spring! And organic food has arrived!

Spring! And organic food has arrived!

Along with the flowers and budding trees, spring brings Aysgarth Station organic food from Crown O’ Maine. Every item from them is certified organic, and you can really tell the difference in quality.

From tomatoes to cheese to the fresh ramps we just got delivered this week, everything we get is delightful and fresh.CoM_poster_web (Small)

Clean the World

Aysgarth Station participates in the ‘Clean the World’ Foundation program to recycle soaps and shampoos. Clean the World

Rather than throw out the soaps and shampoo we provide all our guests, we recycle the unused portions and package them up to be shipped out to the foundation. Clean the World will give those discarded soap bars and plastic bottles a second life.

Aysgarth was one of the first lodging properties in the state to partner with Clean the World, and are a proud continued supporter of their cause.



Good coffee at a B&B is expected, right? Well, we have been taste testing some new coffee at Aysgarth.
To prevent throwing away a lot of coffee, we switched to a single brew system a few years ago for our 24 hour beverage station. However the trash component has always bothered us! We are happy and proud to say that we are switching to Intelligent Blends Single Serve Coffee.
Great Coffee and Recyclable cups.

One more thing to make Happy Innkeepers!